Section H – Associated Hardware

  • H1 Heavy-Duty Locking Filler Cap And Necks

    H1 Heavy-duty locking filler cap and necks   A sturdy, diecast cap designed for construction plant and heavy trucks, with a ‘snap-in’ barrel, allwoing the cap to be matched with a full vehicle look-set. A sliding diecast plate protects the key-aperture from water and debris. Recommended specifiction is fully sealed, but caps can be vented […]

  • H2 ‘Chunky’ Commercial Filler Caps And Necks

    H2 ‘Chunky’ commercial filler caps and necks This model has been used by every British truck manufacturer as well as for ‘static’ applications such as power generator sets. Recommended specification is fully sealed but the ‘Waso” venting system will suit some applictions. Caps fit “internally-flanged” neckends, (illustrated) which can be brazed onto a plain filler […]

  • H3 Non-Locking Moulded Filler Caps

    H3 Non-locking moulded filler caps These caps have been widely used for on-road passenger cars and vans, as well as for industrial engines and static fuel tanks. There are two styles, with either ‘finger-bar’ or ‘knurled rim’, and both can be supplied in red with raised, “diesel” lettering. Recommended specification is fully sealed, but the […]

  • H4 ‘Retro-Fit’ Locking Filler Aps And Necks

    H4 ‘Retro-fit’ locking filler aps and necks Designed by the ‘Waso’ company for the automotive aftermarket, these caps are useful when it is desired to add an inexpensive lock to a fuel tank as a security measure. A diecast neck-end ( which can be fitted on-site) allows caps to be used even on plain fille […]

  • H5 Screw-Type Non-Locking Filler Caps

    H5 Screw-type non-locking filler caps Two models of moulded cap with internal screw-thread, designed for 60 mm-diameter necks with matching thread. The smaller cap has castellated ridges for good grip, and ‘diesel’ embossed on the top surface. It can be supplied fully sealed, or valved and vented. Normal finish is semi-gloss black, with colours on […]

  • H6 ‘Panic Button’ Emergency Stop-Switch & Recess Pan

    H6 ‘Panic button’ emergency stop-switch & recess pan A neat self-contained and cost-effective unit which allows an engine or power-supply to be shut-down immediately. It comprises a red ‘panic button’ and contact book, which is easily assembled into a stainless steel recessed pan. Applications include power generators, compressors and public service vehicles where safety considerations […]

  • H7 New Model Rotary Ventilator With Inside Grille & Adaptor

    H7 New model rotary ventilator with inside grille & adaptor WBH is delighted to introduce a new rotary ventilator, under exclusive UK licence from our long-time trading partner, UES Internationl, of Australia. The new model is better-locking and up to 25% more efficient in removing stale air from within a vehicle. Most significantly, however, UES […]

  • H8 Tie-Down Ring & Shroud

    H8 Tie-down ring & shroud This useful steel tie-down has a moulded shroud for plant-on fixing to wall or floor. A high-tensile bolt should be used, fitting through steel support plate. There is a rubber plug to ‘cushion’ ring nd prevent rattle. Bright zinc-plated. 9/01181 Tie-down ring & shroud Ordering code 9/01181 Tie-down ring & […]

  • H9 Emergency Stop Assembly

    H9?EMERGENCY?STOP?ASSEMBLY   A neat self contained and cost effective assembly which allows an engine or power supply to be shut down immediately. It comprises of a high quality switch pre assembled into a tough 30% glass filled nylon pan. A three language label and a waterproof gasket are adhered to the pan for convenience. Applications […]