Section F – Specialty Hinges

  • F1 Lift-Off Moulded Hinges

    F1 LIFT-OFF MOULDED HINGES large size, with integral dust seal These hinges have been designed for corrosion resistance, and to prevent stiffness and uneven action, common problems on construction sites and other ‘dirty’ environments. They are made from self-colour composite material, with a stainless pin ‘buried’ within the hinge and fitted with an ‘O’-ring to […]

  • F2 Lift-Off Steel Hinges

    F2 LIFT-OFF STEEL HINGES These steel hinges carry relatively high loads and are suitable for larger enclosures such as compressors, generators and electrical cabinets. They are available in either mild steel or stainless steel, with end caps and stainless pin and bearing washer for smooth operation and corrosion resistance. Left-hand and right-hand available. Interchangable with […]

  • F3 Lift-Off Concealed-Fix Steel Hinges

    F3 LIFT-OFF CONCEALED-FIX STEEL HINGES In this design fixing holes are omitted and are replaced with welded-on M8 threaded studs. This provides an attractive, smooth, and tamper-proof visible surface, in either mirror polished stainless steel or mild steel, black powder-coated. Left-hand and right-hand available. illustration shows welded studs for cocealed fixing. ? ? ? ? […]

  • F4 Lift-Off Concealed-Fix Diecast Hinges

    LIFT-OFF?CONCEALED-FIX?DIECAST HINGES?– BLACK OR?CHROMIUM?PLATED   Lift-off hinges providing improved?appearance and greater security by?use of concealed fixing studs,?secured from inside. These are?robust hinges intended for large?enclosure doors, interior or exterior?use. Left-hand and right-hand. Interchangable with our moulded?& diecast lift-off models. 9/01824 RH illustrated ?9/01825 (LH) ? ? 9/01824 (RH) ORDERING CODE 9/01824 Concealed fix hinge, RH, […]

  • F5 Lift-Off Moulded Hinges

    F5 LIFT-OFF?MOULDED?HINGES?(SMALLER SIZE) ?9/01381 LH illustrated ? ? ? ? ?9/01381 (LH)9/01380 (RH) Developed as an alternative to our?popular diecast ‘torpedo’ hinges,?this smart design brings all the?advantages of modern materials,?yet is more economical and fully?interchangeable with the diecast?models. Left-hand and right-hand?available.   Interchangable with our diecast?‘torpedo’ hinges. ORDERING CODE 9/01380 Lift-off moulded hinge, RH 9/01381 […]

  • F6 Lift-Off ‘Torpedo’ Hinges

    F6 LIFT-OFF?‘TORPEDO’?HINGES 7/10016 LH illustrated ? ? ? ? ? 7/10016 (LH)? ?7/10015 (RH) Our popular ‘torpedo’ hinges are?widely used for electrical cabinets?and enclosures, allowing doors to?be quickly mounted or removed?from frames. Chromium-plated?finish and 10 mm stainless steel?pin gives good resistance to?normal environmental conditions.?Left-hand and right-hand. ORDERING CODE 7/10015 Lift-off hinge, RH, chrome 7/10016 Lift-off […]

  • F7 Diecast Window/Hatch ‘Flat’ Hinge

    F7 DIECAST?WINDOW/HATCH?‘FLAT’ HINGE ?9/00700 Chromium-plated ?9/00699 Black A low-profile design with?concealed fixing on the leaf into?two tapped bosses. These, with?securing plate and rubber gaskets,?allow a panel to be held securely?without damage or fracture. Ideal?for top-hinged windows and?hatches. ORDERING CODE 9/00699 ‘Flat’ hinge, black 9/00700 ‘Flat’ hinge, chromium plated SPECIFICATION A Width (max) 62 mm B […]

  • F8a Automotive Boot/Bonnet Hinges

    F8 Automotive Boot/ Bonnet Hinges Widely used for small cars and specialist vehicles, these hinges are non-handed and plant flat onto a panel surface, with concealed, fixing from beneath. 9/00034 ORDERING CODE 9/00034 ‘Miniature’ stay, brackets reversed 9/00634 ‘Miniature’ stay with thumbscrew   SPECIFICATION A Leaf length 135 mm B Width (max) 22 mm C […]

  • F8b Invisible-Fixing ‘French’ Hinges

  • F9 Raised-Profile Hinges In Stainless Steel

    F9 RAISED-PROFILE?HINGES?in stainless steel 9/01782 – 3 (90mm)9/01780 – 1 (120mm) In this design the hinge pin is?raised above the surface to allow?clear opening of doors. The hinge?leaf is shaped accordingly, giving?additional strength and good?appearance. ‘Handed’ only by?direction of fitted pin, and?available in two sizes as shown. ORDERING CODE 9/01780 Stainless profile hinge, 120 mm, […]

  • F10 Fixed -Pin Vertical Leaf Hinges

    F10 FIXED -PIN?VERTICAL?LEAF?HINGES 9/01542 An attractive and useful hinge for?large enclosures where door?frame width is restricted, but?where relatively heavy loading is?anticipated. This is a fixed-pin?hinge and it is non-handed. ORDERING CODE 9/01542 Vertical hinge, stainless steel   SPECIFICATION A Length 130 mm B Widlth(half) 40 mm C Height 15 mm D Location to axis 22.5 […]

  • F11 Diecast ‘Block’ Hinges For Flush Doors

    F11 DIECAST?‘BLOCK’ HINGES?FOR FLUSH?DOORS 9/01967 Left-side hinge These ‘block’ hinges are a simple?way to hang flush doors on metal?cabinets, electrical enclosures,?etc. allowing “lift-off” capability?from a narrow door surround. ‘Handed’, left- and right -, these hinges?provide great flexibility in a variety of?configurations. See schemes below.?Use one hinge of each hand to create a?non-lift-off, permanently retained door. […]

  • F12 Diecast ‘Block’ Hinges For Offset Doors

    F12 DIECAST?‘BLOCK’ HINGES?FOR OFFSET?DOORS Hole & peg design 60mm length 1/29380?35mm length 1/26392 Two-hole design??60mm length 1/26390 ? ?   Small & ‘Mini’ sizes. ‘Block’ hinges are a neat,?convenient method for hanging?externally-fixed doors on metal?cabinets, electrical enclosures,?etc. Non-handed, the upper part?simply sits onto a fixed steel pin.?(Oppose hinges for when door is?permanently fitted). These two […]

  • F13 Diecast ‘Block’ Hinges For Offset Doors

    F13 DIECAST?‘BLOCK’ HINGES?FOR OFFSET?DOORS Medium & Large sizes. ‘Block’ hinges are a neat,?convenient method for hanging?externally-fixed doors on metal?cabinets, electrical enclosures,?etc. Non-handed, the upper part?simply sits onto a fixed steel pin.?(Oppose hinges for when door is?permanently fitted). ORDERING CODE ‘Medium’ (76 mm) hinges (2 holes) 1/26750 raw finish 1/26915 chrome finish 1/26915B black finish ‘Large’ […]

  • F14 Stainless ‘Block’ Hinges For Offset Doors

    F14 STAINLESS?‘BLOCK’ HINGES?FOR OFFSET?DOORS Large (100 mm hinge) ? ? ? ?Medium (76 mm hinge) ? ?Smal ( 60 mm hinge) ? ? ? ? ? These machined block hinges suit?high-quality cabinets and?enclosures, where stainless steel?fittings are required to prevent?problems with corrosion, staining?and binding-up, which can occur?in damp or chemically-active?environments. Produced in three standard sizes, […]