Section E – Inside Controls

  • E1 ‘Buckle’ Inside Release Handles

    E1 ‘BUCKLE’ INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES A neat, automotive design which is very easy to fix. There is no locking feature, so it is used on doors where inside locking is achieved by sill-button or other means. Two styles of? connector as shown, non-handed. 9/00708B (black) with threaded connector 1/29908 (chrome) with snap-in connector and fitted […]

  • E2 ‘Flush Case’ Inside Release Handles With Safety Flap

    E2 ‘FLUSH CASE’ INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES with safety flap Widely used through several generations of cars, vans and trucks, the ‘flush-case’ is strong, attractive, and easily fitted. There is a safety flap for internal locking, which provides visual indication that a door is secured. 1/29774 (RH) illustrated with trim bezels 3/14422 ORDERING CODE 1/29774 Flush […]

  • E3 ‘Flush Case’ Inside Release Handles Without Safety Flap

    E3 ‘FLUSH CASE’ INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES without safety flap These versions of the ‘flush case’ suit internal doors where no safety flap is required, or where inside locking is achieved by other means (for example, by sillbutton). 1/29902 (RH) illustrated with diecast chrome flap and trim bezels 3/14422. ORDERING CODE 1/29450 Flush case, RH, black […]

  • E4 ‘Washboard’ Inside Release Handles

    E4 ‘WASHBOARD’ INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES The ‘washboard’ release represents an evolutionary stage between conventional ‘rotary’ inside handles and fully-flush designs. It is a diecast unit with a ‘pull-out’ handle that affords good grip, while sitting low against the side of the vehicle when in rest position. Originally made for luxury cars it also suits trucks […]

  • E5 ‘Trail-Plate’ Inside Release & Handles

    E5 ‘TRAIL-PLATE’ INSIDE RELEASE & HANDLES Highly versatile units which allow door latches to be operated from a handle some distance away. Particularly useful on wide doors, trucks, and off-road vehicles. 9/00359 Right-hand ORDERING CODE 9/00359 Inside release, RH 9/00360 Inside release, LH SPECIFICATION A Length (between centres) 80 mm B Width (between centres) 40 […]

  • E6 Inside Release Handles

    E6 INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES (Screw-Fixing to 9.5 mm square shaft) Adaptor Shim 1/07995   This useful spring-steel adaptor allows inside handles on this page (9.5 mm square core) to be used with 8 mm square shafts. Fixing screw handles have recessed hole to accept fixing screw, ref 24-16.   Webbed’ Style 1/24212 Height (max) – […]

  • E7 Inside Release Handles

    E7? INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES (Screw-Fixing to 8mm square Shaft) SN003 Standard 8 mm steel shaft, with chamfered corners, supplied in 150 mm lengths, bright zinc -plated.   Moulded Handle 5/01664 (black) Height (max) – 25mm Top hole diameter 6mm, countersunk 10mm A small, tough, useful handle made in wear-resistant Acetal, with fine-sparked finish. Normal colour […]

  • E8 Inside Release Handles Concealed-Fix Models

    E8 INSIDE RELEASE HANDLES CONCEALED-FIX MODELS 1/16420 Spring escutcheon for ‘traditional’ handles chrome plated.   ‘Truncheon’ Handles 9/00260 (chrome)? 1/05459 (raw)?? 1/24188 (chrome)?? 1/05459 (raw, drive-fit)???? 9/00260 (chrome, screw-fix) ? ? ? ? Centre hole in top face (when supplied), 6mm x 10mm c/s. A useful design with two versions. The plain handle is driven […]

  • E9 Diecast Window Handles

    E9 DIECAST WINDOW HANDLES ‘Hi-line’ style Elegant handles suitable for most 9.5mm square-shaft drives. The packing shim 1/07995 can be used to convert to 8mm square-drive.   ORDERING CODE 9/00874 Centre-screw handle, chrome 9/00874B Centre-screw handle, black 9/00875 Concealed-fix handle, chrome 9/00875B Concealed-fix handle, black? ? ??   9/00874 Centre fix handle     9/00875 […]

  • E11 Support Stays ‘Star-Wheel’ Release

    E11 SUPPORT STAYS ‘STAR-WHEEL’ RELEASE This range of extensible stays provides a simple, inexpensive and long-lasting method of supporting top-hinged doors and hatches. The ‘star-wheel’ design allows automatic release – useful where two stays are fitted on a very wide panel. Many options are available. 7/03099??7/03098 ? ORDERING CODE 7/03098 Stay, 290/495 mm, 2 brackets […]

  • E12 Support Stays ‘Safety Catch’ Release

    E12 SUPPORT STAYS ‘SAFETY CATCH’ RELEASE The standard models illustrated are representative of a family of stays for top-hinged doors and hatches. The ‘safety-catch’ design means the stay must be manually released – a useful precaution against vibration or accidental closure. 7/25621/08 ??? ? 7/25621??Detailed view of safety catch area ORDERING CODE 7/25621 Stay, 285/470 […]

  • E13 ‘Miniature’ Support Stays (‘Star-Wheel’ Release)

    E13 ‘MINIATURE’ SUPPORT STAYS (‘STAR-WHEEL’ RELEASE) These miniaturised versions of our standard stays use a section width of 9 mm x 19 mm, making them less obtrusive and suitable for smaller installations. The ‘star-wheel’ design allows automatic release – useful where two stays are fitted. Applications include electrical cabinets, instrument cases, inspection windows and ski-boxes. […]