Section D – Latches & Catches

  • D1 Moulded ‘Budget’ Latch

    D1 MOULDED ‘BUDGET’ LATCH An ingenious design that replicates the function of our ‘Universal’ budget latch, but which takes full advantage of the properties of moulded materials. It is tough, lightweight, non-magnetic, self-lubricating, and totally corrosion-resistant. A special version is supplied with 8mm steel shaft, which can be fitted to either face (9/01957). This is […]

  • D2 ‘Universal’ Budget Latch & Fittings

    D2 ‘UNIVERSAL’ BUDGET LATCH & FITTINGS This simple ‘deadbolt’ latch has become an industry standard. Basic model is mild steel construction, with options in stainless steel or with moulded bolt. Two sizes of operating keys are available and diecast escutcheon covers can be fitted to conceal panel aperture. ‘T’ key 1/24596 (90mm)‘T’ key 1/24597 (125mm)?3/09656 […]

  • D3 ‘Handed’ Budget Latches

    D3 ‘HANDED’ BUDGET LATCHES Cleverly designed so that top and bottom plates are mechanically interleaved for maximum strength, these latches have an exterior spring and are ‘handed’ as shown. Fixing holes on standard models are countersunk after plating but versions are available with plain 5mm holes. 3/10510 (LH)?3/10511 (RH) ? ? ? 9/00749 striker plate […]

  • D4 Security Budget Latches

    SECURITY BUDGET LATCHES With same?dimensions as the ‘Universal’ model, this design has a forged brass bolt to provide a blind, dust-proof centre which requires a special security key to operate. Latch is zinc plated. 9/00089 9/00088 Ordering code 9/00088 Security budget latch 9/00089 Security key 9/00749 Striker plate Specification A Hole Centres 76 mm B […]

  • D5 Large Budget Latches

    D5 LARGE BUDGET LATCHES With exceptionally strong construction, this model suits heavy applications and where a stronger, more substantial bolt is required to resist abuse. Uses include large storage containers, bus engine and luggage compartments. 9/00756 (RH)     ORDERING CODE 9/00755 Large budget latch, LH 9/00756 Large budget latch, RH   SPECIFICATION A Hole […]

  • D6 Hooked Budget Latches

    D6 HOOKED BUDGET LATCHES These models have a shaped ‘hooked’ bolt which engages with a pin to hold two panels together laterally. The shape of the hook and string spring provide very positive engagement. ?3/16201 (RH) ? ? ? ? ? ?Right-hand illustrated ORDERING CODE 3/16200 Hooked budget latch, LH 3/16201 Hooked budget latch, RH […]

  • D7 Moulded Slam Latches

    D7 MOULDED SLAM LATCHES The unique design of these latches allows ‘fix through’ mounting to suit narrow door pillars, sections and channels. Moulded construction provides the benefits of lightweight, self-lubricating action, and total corrosion resistance at an inexpensive price.   9/01528 ‘Nose-up’ model 9/01529 ‘Nose-down’ model 9/01530 Basic model ORDERING CODE 9/01528 Moulded slam latch, […]

  • D8 ‘Fix-Through’ Slam Latch In Steel

    D8 ‘FIX-THROUGH’ SLAM LATCH IN STEEL Special design allows ‘fixthrough’ mounting, to suit narrow door pillars, sections and channels. This is interchangeable with our moulded model (9/01530) but may be preferred where there is possibility of impact loads or lateral stress. ? 9/01186 ORDERING CODE 9/01186 ‘Fix-through’ slam latch steel SPECIFICATION A Body Length 80 […]

  • D9 End-Slam Latches (End Bolts)

    D9 END-SLAM LATCHES (END BOLTS) Precision-made latches which have become motor-industry ‘standards’, with solid, machine-cut steel bolts and ‘quick-fit’ attachment point if desired. Adjustable bolt-pull allows bolt projection to be varied, and bolts are reversible to ‘nose-up’ position. Stainless steel models available. 3/22387 with plain bolt-pull?3/22386 with ‘quick-fit’ attachment point ? ? ? 3/22388 ‘Nose-up’ […]

  • D10 Side-Action Slam Latches

    D10 Side-action slam latches [For Roller Shutters] Standard end latches with side-cut machined steel bolts at 45? angle, making them suitable for roller shutters or drop-down hatches. Adjustable bolt-pull allows projection to be varied, with ‘quick-fit’ attachment point for use with 2-way mechanisms. 9/01455 (LH) with plain bolt-pull. Bolt adjusted to 17 mm, minimum projection […]

  • D11 Single Point Slam Latches

    D11 Single point slam latches A range of compact slam latches derived from our standard end-bolts, but with direct action by knob or loop handle. These models are useful for seat squabs, gates and passive door. They are also available in stainless steel.?Dimension as 3/22386, bolt-spring pressure 2.5kg 9/00279 ‘Nose-up’ 9/01059 Bottom knob latch 9/01243 […]

  • D12 Heavy-Duty Slam Latches

    D12 Heavy-duty slam latches Exceptionally robust latches with fitted release handle for easy operation. There is a steel follow- bush so that when fitted on inside of a door, latch can be operated from outside by a standard 8mm square shaft. Suitable for heavy compartment doors and some types of off-road vehicle cabs. 9/00805 (LH) […]

  • D13 ‘Utility’ Slam Latches

    D13 ‘Utility’ slam latches These well-proven latches have recently been re-designed to reduce size of mounting holes. The ‘original’ versions are still available when required. Plant-on latches with central follow-bush which rotates 45? in either direction to withdraw bolt. Can be slammed even when handle is in ‘locked’ mode. Two lengths of bolt, zinc-plated finish. […]

  • D14 Mini Slam Latches

    D14 ‘Mini’ slam latches Originally developed for the 1961 ‘Mini’ car, these latches are still the neatest and most compact models available. Normally used with our exterior locking handles, the latches can be slammed shut without damage, even when the handle (or safety catch) is in ‘locked’ position. Suitable for auxiliary compartment doors and off-road […]

  • D15 ‘Claw’ Latches Top-Mount

    D15 ‘Claw’ latches top-mount Extremely versatile units which sit within a compartment and slam against a striker peg to provide a very positive engagement. They release by pressure against lop trigger or by remote cable. Used for top-opening hatches and covers where latch is concealed below edge of door or base unit. 9/00724 Striker, normally […]

  • D16 ‘Claw’ Latches Top-Mount

    D16 ‘Claw’ latches top-mount Ideal for top-opening compartments, these latches can be mounted on lid or base without danger or injury from sharp edges, while striker can be placed below opening line. Latches can be operated by direct pressure on top ‘trigger’ or by remote action. Also suits sliding doors and roller shutters. 9/00724 Striker, […]

  • D17 Plate-Type ‘Claw’ Latch

    D17 Plate-type ‘claw’ latch An unusual design in which a rotating pawl engages and release the operating ‘claw’. All motion is in the same plane, allowing the latch to fit into a confined aperture between panels. Applications include vehicle compartments, partitions and hatches. A special loop-striker and a moulded cover are optional.   1/31250 ‘Claw’ […]

  • D18 ‘Series 400’ Anti-Burst Latches

    D18 ‘Series 400’ anti-burst latches   The exceptionally neat and compact design of the ‘Series 400’ makes it suitable for confined spaces and thin doors. It provides 2-stage anti-burst latching, with mounting through the pivot points for great strength. 9/00425 Striker?Right-hand (9/00424) in unlatched position Ordering code 9/00423 Rotary latch, LH 9/00424 Rotary latch, RH […]

  • D19 Anti-Burst Latches For Off-Road Vehicles

    D19 Anti-burst latches for off-road vehicles Specially developed for agricultural tractors, construction plant and similar off-road vehicles, these latches are easily fitted to single-skin doors, with a neat, moulded trim cover for good appearance. Latches operate from a push-button handle mounted on the outside panel, so that plunger engages with ‘trigger’. 9/01830 Right-hand latch with […]

  • D20 ‘Disc’ Latches, Push-Button Models

    D20 ‘Disc’ latches, push-button models These models are fully plant-on to the door edge, and operate directly from a push-button unit. The latches have built-in locking functions and fully interconnected inside/outside operation. When correctly fitted they meet legal requirement for on-road?vehicles. 3/30476 Right side latch (visible face) 3/21330 Universal striker (Plant-on) Ordering code 3/30476 Disc […]

  • D21 ‘Disc’ Latches, Linkage-Type

    D21 ‘Disc’ latches, linkage-type In this design the ‘push-plate’ (shown opposite) is replaced with a linkage lever, so that the latch can be operated at a distance by connecting rod from a suitable handle. There is also an outside locking lever, which connects to an exterior private lock. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? […]

  • D22 ‘Plant-on’ Rotary Latches

    ‘Plant-on’ rotary latches A sturdy plant-on latch, easily installed, with the positive action of a rotary ‘claw’ combined with the convenience of operation by a directly – mounted handle. Developed from the Land Rover ‘Defender’ latch series, this is suitable for off-road and specialist vehicles. Not for personnel doors. Ordering code 9/01223 Rotary latch RH […]

  • D23 Door Hold-Back With Inside Release

    D23 ?Door hold-back with inside release This unit is smaller, stronger, and more forgiving of misalignment than our previous model. Completely redesigned as a diecast assembly, it is fitted to the mounting surface through two hollow rivets as shown. There is an adjustable striker pin, with moulded ‘buffer’ to cushion impact. The striker is released […]

  • D24 Door Hold-Back With Direct Inside & Cable Release

    Content D24 Door hold-back with direct inside & cable release A net lightweight unit which enables a door to be held open (against the body panel), and released from the inside. Usual application is for tractor cabs and similar, but the unit can be adapted for securing lids and compartments. Note: In some applications this […]

  • D25 Door Hold-Back With Inside/Outside Release

    Content D25 Door hold-back with inside/outside release A circular hold-back with rotary action, this model has ‘jaws’ that can be released by levers on both inside and outside. Made in tough, self coloured moulded materials, it is flange-fitted through three holes to a metal panel and the striker pin is attached to door or window, […]

  • D26 Hook Latch Remote-Operated

    Content D26 Hook latch remote-operated This novel design has a spring -loaded hook in 4mm material, mounted into a ‘U’-section case. The hook slams against a pin or slot and is released by side way ‘pull’. Finish is zinc-plated 9/01479 Max. travel of actuating lever is 20 mm to give hook movement of 30? ?approx. […]

  • D27 Inside Hold-Down Catch

    D27 Inside hold-down catch over-centre action A robust and simple plant-on unit which uses over-centre action to trap and hold down the striker-loop. Widely used for engine covers, grills, luggage compartments and for machine covers and canopies. 9/01383 Catch in ‘open’ position Catch in ‘closed’ position 9/01384 Double loop striker Ordering code 9/01383 Hold-down catch […]

  • D28 Moulded Over-Centre Catch

    D28 Moulded Over-Centre Catch This is a smart panel-fastener (‘draw latch’), made completely in tough, self-colour moulded material (glass-filled nylon) to eliminate any possibility of corrosion. A simple finger-loop provides positive lock-down engagement, which can be replaced by a padlock if desired. 9/00984 Catch & striker assembly Ordering code 9/00984 Moulded over-centre catch & striker […]

  • D29 Over-Centre Fasteners Heavy Duty Applications

    Content D29 Over-centre fasteners heavy duty applications This robust catch incorporates a strong coil-spring which gives leveraged over-centre action against a stainless steel rod, mounted on a striker plate, with slotted mounting holes to allow for easy adjustment. Cleverly designed as a diecast assembly for good appearance, the catch is generally used to secure fabricated […]

  • D30 Diecast Striker Plates

    Alignment Plate & Pin The steel pin is usually fitted to the door frame and plate to the door edge. As door closes, the ‘shoulder’ on the pin is drawn into the shaped slot and provides firm and positive support. Zinc-plated. Request dimensions from sales office? 3/13521 Pin ? ? ? ?3/13520 Plate Diecast Striker […]