Section B – Handles

  • B1 Small ‘T’ Handles With ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    B1?SMALL ‘T’?HANDLES WITH?‘EASY-FIX’?MOUNTING Very neat useful handles with?circular ‘easy-fix’ escutcheon that?are mounted through a standard?pierced aperture. Lock cylinders are?“shuttered” for weather-resistance,?and handle can be water-sealed.?Non-locking models available. ‘FT’ Keys Optional?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard9/00975 Small ‘T’ with ‘easy-fix’ mounting ORDERING CODE 9/00975 Small ‘T’, locking, chrome 9/00975/01 As above, FS 880 keys 9/00975B Small ‘T’, […]

  • B2 Large ‘T’ Handles With ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    B2 LARGE ‘T’ HANDLES WITH ‘EASY-FIX’ MOUNTING   More substantial handles with?circular, ‘easy-fix’ escutcheon that?are mounted through a standard?pierced aperture. ?‘FT’ Keys Optional Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard 9/00990 Large ‘T’ with ‘easy-fix’ mounting?   Lock cylinders are “shuttered” for?weather-resistance, and handle can be?water-sealed. Non-locking models?available. ORDERING CODE 9/00990 Large ‘T’, locking, chrome 9/00990/01 As […]

  • B3 Recess ‘T’ Handles With ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    B3?RECESS ‘T’?HANDLES WITH?‘EASY-FIX’?MOUNTING An extremely useful set that?allows our large ‘T’ handle to be?mounted so that the “arms” of the?handle do not project above the?surface of a panel. The steel?recess pan is normally black?powder-coated, with moulded?gasket. Locking & non-locking?models, supplied as boxed sets. ?‘FT’ Keys OptionalSingle-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard 9/00186SS Recess ‘T’ in special […]

  • B4 Lever ‘L’ Handles With ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    B4?LEVER ‘L’?HANDLES WITH?‘EASY-FIX’?MOUNTING ?‘FT’ Keys Optional Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard ?9/00960 Lever ‘L’ with ‘easy-fix’ mounting Stylish and attractive handles?with circular, ‘easy-fix’?escutcheon that are mounted?through a standard pierced?aperture. Lock cylinders are?“shuttered” for weather resistance,?and handle can be?water-sealed.?Non-locking models available. ORDERING CODE 9/00960 Lever ‘L’, locking, chrome 9/00960/01 As above, FS 880 keys 9/00960B Lever […]

  • B5 Lever ‘L’ Handles With Surface Mounting

    B5?LEVER ‘L’?HANDLES WITH?SURFACE?MOUNTING Good-looking handles with?rectangular, surface-mounted?escutcheons for either open- or?concealed-fixing. Lock cylinders?are “shuttered” for weatherresistance?and there is choice of?38 mm (1.5 inch) or 44 mm (1.75?inch) hole centres.? ‘FT’ Keys Optional Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard ?9/00172 Non-locking ‘L’ with 38mm concealed fixing ?9/00167 Locking ‘L’ with 38mm open-fixing ORDERING CODE With 38 mm […]

  • B6 Small ‘T’ Handles With Surface Mounting

    B6 SMALL ‘T’?HANDLES WITH?SURFACE?MOUNTING Widely-used cabinet handles with?rectangular, surface-mounted?escutcheons for either open- or?concealed-fixing. Lock cylinders are “shuttered” for weather-resistance and there is choice of 38 mm (1.5 inch) or 44 mm (1.75 inch) hole centres. ?‘FT’ Keys Optional ?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard 9/00143 Non-locking small ‘T’ 38mm concealed fixing 9/00140 locking ‘small T’ 38mm […]

  • B7 Large ‘T’ Handles With Surface Mounting

    B7 LARGE ‘T’ HANDLES WITH SURFACE MOUNTING ?‘FT’ Keys Optional ?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard 9/00147 Non-locking ‘T’ 38mm concealed fixing 9/00144 Locking ‘Large T’ 38mm open fixing   The most generally used?industrial handles, with?rectangular, surface-mounted?escutcheons for either open- or?concealed-fixing. Lock cylinders are “shuttered” for?weather-resistance and there is choice?of 38 mm (1.5 inch) or 44 […]

  • B8 ‘PSV’ Models (Handles With 90° ‘Lost Motion’ Fitting)

    B8?‘PSV’ MODELS?(HANDLES WITH?90° ‘LOSTMOTION’?FITTING) ‘Passenger Service Vehicle’?requirements are that it must?always be possible to open a door?from inside, so that occupants?cannot be trapped within a vehicle. Our special ‘PSV’ bush meets this?specification and can be fitted to most?of our ‘L’ & ‘T’ handles. Those shown?here have a special, large mounting?escutcheon which has proved useful?with this […]

  • B9 ‘L’ & ‘T’ Handles With Fully ‘Plant-On’ Mounting

    ‘L’ & ‘T’ Handles with fully ‘plant-on’ mounting. Identical to regular ‘L’ & ‘T’ models, but with a special high-waisted escutcheon that brings assembly fittings above panel surface, making handles fully ‘plant-on’. Latch systems can be mounted immediately underneath, without need for bridging plate. Note increased surface height (to 53mm) and open-fixing at 38mm (1.5 […]

  • B10 ‘Plant-On’ ‘L’ & ‘T’ Handles

    B10 ‘PLANT-ON’?‘L’ & ‘T’ HANDLES?(OLDER-STYLE?MODELS) An older, special design but still?popular because of the unusual?shape of the handle castings,?particularly the deep side-walls?and the narrowness of the?escutcheon. All fittings are?contained above panel surface,?making handles fully ‘plant-on’.?Non-locking models also available. ?‘FT’ Keys Optional ?1/24497 Locking Handle? Rotation ? ORDERING CODE 90° RH rotation 1/24497 Plant-on ‘L’, locking, […]

  • B11 ‘Low Line’ Minimal Projection ‘T’ Handles

    B11 ‘LOWLINE’ MINIMAL PROJECTION ‘T’ HANDLES   Sitting almost directly onto the?panel surface, this design has?absolutely minimum projection,?avoiding risk of injury from the?‘arms’ of the T-handle. With hidden mounting holes (or?internal studs) it is ideal for roller?shutters, vehicle side compartments?and special cabinets.   Handle in ‘open’ position, (right), showing mounting holes on ‘open fix’ models. […]

  • B12 Padlockable Handles In Stainless Steel

    B12 PADLOCKABLE HANDLES IN STAINLESS STEEL Corrosion can be a major concern?in some environments, such as?marine industries or food?processing plants, where these?all-stainless handles will be very?useful. The padlockable loop?enables doors to be secured, with?visible evidence that locking has?taken place. 9/00400 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? […]

  • B13 Stainless Steel Handles With ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    B13 STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES WITH ‘EASY-FIX’ MOUNTING These ‘L’ and ‘T’ handles have?similar dimensions to our diecast?range, with the same ‘easy-fix’?mounting through a standard?panel piercing. However, they are?made completely in 300 series?stainless steel for corrosion?resistance and good appearance. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 9/01615 Stainless ‘T’ […]

  • B14 ‘Titan’ Series Heavy – Duty Handles (160mm)

    B14 ‘TITAN’ SERIES HEAVY-DUTY HANDLES – 160mm LENGTH Created to provide a robust,?modern design, the ‘Titan’ series is?much stronger than normal?handles. In particular, metal?section at the base of the handle?casting is more than twice usual?thickness, preventing fracture and?resisting lateral loads. 9/01279 Non-Locking Handle ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?9/01280 Locking Handle ? […]

  • B15 ‘Titan’ Series Heavy-Duty Handles (185mm)

    B15 ‘TITAN’ SERIES HEAVY-DUTY HANDLES – 185mm LENGTH The full-length versions of the ‘Titan’?series have ‘tail’ turned inwards for?good appearance and to reduce?surface projection. The metal?section at the base of the handle?casting is more than twice usual?thickness, preventing fracture and?resisting lateral loads. ?9/01038 Non-Locking Handle ??9/01037 Locking Handle ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? […]

  • B16 ‘Heavy-T’ Handles With Weathershield

    B16 ‘HEAVY-T’ HANDLES WITH WEATHERSHIELD An unusual locking handle with?sliding ‘weathershield’ plate?which completely protects lock?cylinder against entry of water?and road debris. Made with?heavy-section castings and large,?concealed-fixing escutcheon, this?new design provides improved?durability for vehicle applications.?Non-locking version available. 9/01903 Non-locking handle ?9/01902 Locking handle with weathershield Double-sided ‘FT’ Keys are standard ORDERING CODE 9/01902 ‘Heavy-T’ handle, locking, […]

  • B17 ‘Traditional’ Handles – Heavy-Duty Models

    B17 ‘TRADITIONAL’ HANDLES – HEAVY-DUTY MODELS Two of our older designs, both made?for large trucks, with heavier-duty?fittings and extra metal thickness?around shaft-retaining area to give?greater strength. The ‘Heavyweight’ series (at 504 grams)?has been used by Massey Ferguson,?Fodens, Scammel, and many American?truck models. Fixing centres at 44mm?(1.75 inch) only. The ‘Ribbed’ series has been used by?Bedford […]

  • B18 Traditional Handles All Purpose Models

    B18 ‘TRADITIONAL’ HANDLES ALL-PURPOSE MODELS These familiar designs have been?fitted at various times to?passenger cars, trucks, tractors,?and to all types of ancillary?equipment. Standard fixing?centres 38mm (1.5 inch) and 44mm?(1.75 inch), with alternative?mounting escutcheons available,?including concealed-fix options. ?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard ?1/16600 Non-Locking Handle ? ? 1/12950 Locking Handle ? ? ORDERING CODE 1/12950 Locking […]

  • B19 Traditional Handles ‘Arched’ & ‘Small-L’

    B19 ‘TRADITIONAL’ HANDLES ‘ARCHED’ & ‘SMALL-L’ Two other long-established?designs, both have unusual?lengths of ‘lever’ which make?them suitable for special vehicle?applications and for ‘kit’ and?‘replicars’. Standard models are?as shown, with alternative?mounting escutcheons available,?including concealed-fix options. ?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys only ? 1/14300 ‘Arched’ Locking Handle   ORDERING CODE 1/14300 ‘Arched’ handle, locking, chrome(44mm) 1/14300/01 As above, FS880 […]

  • B20 ‘Traditional’ Handles – Classic ‘Period’ Model

    B20 ‘TRADITIONAL’ HANDLES – CLASSIC ‘PERIOD’ MODEL At one time immensely popular,?these handles are now mostly?used for restorations and?reproductions of classic vehicles.?Standard fixing centres are 44mm?(1.75 inch) & 36mm (1.43 inch),?with alternative mounting?escutcheons available, including?concealed-fix options. ?Single-sided ‘FS’ keys only ? ? ??? ? ?1/15134 ‘Fluted’ Non-Locking handle 1/12734 ‘Fluted’ Locking handle ORDERING CODE 1/12734 […]

  • B21 ‘Traditional’ Handles – Styled For Safety

    B21 ‘TRADITIONAL’ HANDLES – STYLED FOR SAFETY Both of these handles have been?designed so that the ‘arms’ turn?under and down, to avoid a sharp,?projecting tip. With relatively?long, heavy-section castings they?are well suited to specialist?vehicles, particularly if mounting?panel is shaped and brought up?close to the ends of the handles. Sigle-sided ‘FS’ keys are standard ?? ??1/27251 […]

  • B22 Diecast Cams & Heavy-Duty Latch Bars

    B22 DIECAST CAMS & HEAVY-DUTY LATCH BARS Our diecast cams provide the?simplest way of securing an?enclosure door. They fit onto a?plain, 8 mm-square shaft, and are?clamped into position with the?integral socket screw. A version is?available with hole threaded M8, to?suit corresponding round shaft. The range of heavy steel cams (below)?is normally fitted to our ‘drop-T’ […]

  • B23 Push-Button Handle

    B23 PUSH-BUTTON HANDLE An attractively styled handle,?suitable for all personnel and?compartment doors, and moulded?in impact-resistant material with?textured finish. This is a ‘free?wheeling’ design, so the handle?can never be forced when the?button is in the locked position. 9/01900 Locking Handle Double-sided ‘FT’ Keys are fitted as standard ORDERING CODE 9/01900 Push-button handle, ‘FT’ locking 9/01900/01 Push-button […]

  • B24 Diecast Pushbutton Handles

    B24 DIECAST PUSHBUTTON HANDLES These two handles are ‘blockedaction’?models, so that when key?is turned to lock, the button?cannot be depressed. The ‘high-grip’ design is essentially?plant-on, with plunger operating?through a good depth of travel. It?suits tractors and commercial vehicles. The ‘classic’ model has much?lower projection but fits a flat panel?and is widely used by ‘kit’ and?specialist […]

  • B25 Push-Button Handles For Separate ‘Private’ Locks

    B25 PUSH-BUTTON HANDLES FOR SEPARATE ‘PRIVATE’ LOCKS These two diecast handles both?require ‘private’ locks to be mounted?separately on the door panel. The ‘bell-crank’ design translates?vertical movement into lateral ‘pull’,?allowing handles to be fitted some?distance away from latch mechanisms.?They have been used on Jaguar, Triumph?& Aston Martin cars. The ‘sports’ models are simple,?direct-action handles which must […]

  • B26 Push-Button Handles For Interconnected Door Schemes

    B26 PUSH-BUTTON HANDLES FOR INTERCONNECTED DOOR SCHEMES Designed for the famous ‘Mini’?these elegant handles have been?used for a number of other?passenger cars and light?commercial vehicles. They are?intended for use with our ‘disc’?latches but can be?adapted to suit other latch models. 1/23805 (LH) ? ?3/30476-7 (RH) ? ??Single-sided ‘FS’ keys only ORDERING CODE 1/23805 Push-button handle, […]

  • B27 Push-Button Handles – Installations Schemes

    B27 PUSH-BUTTON HANDLES – INSTALLATION SCHEMES   Handles allow fully interconnected?inside and outside locking/latching,?and these schemes will suit on-road?passenger doors. Other items are?described fully on the pages?indicated.   Scheme with ‘flush cases’ Items illustrated: A 1/23806 Outside handle, RH B 3/30476 Disc latch, RH C 3/21330 Plant-on striker D 1/29774 Flush-case, black, RH E 3/14422 […]

  • B28 Diecast Flush ‘Flap’ Handles

    B28 DIECAST FLUSH ‘FLAP’ HANDLES A sophisticated design, the ‘Flap’?handle is easy to fit and is widely?used on all types of on-road?vehicles. There are two modes of?operation, either as a fully selfcontained?“freewheeling” handle,?or with separate “isolated” lock?and latch connection points. Double-sided ‘FT’ keys only???1/25654 (Right-hand) The connecting link between ‘lock’ and ‘latch’ points ‘X’ & […]

  • B29 ‘Flap’ Handles – Installation Schemes

    B29 ‘FLAP’ HANDLES – INSTALLATION SCHEMES   Our ‘Flap’ handles allow fully?interconnected inside and outside?locking/latching, and these?schemes will suit on-road?passenger doors. The terms ‘ American’ and ‘European’?practice signify only the favoured?application methods. The schemes?may be used anywhere! It is the?vehicle manufacturer’s responsibility?to test and certify a fitted scheme.   SILL BUTTON &?FITTINGS   7/26668?sill button […]

  • B30 Semi-Flush ‘Pull’ Handle

    B30 SEMI-FLUSH ‘PULL’ HANDLE This is an attractive, self-contained?‘automotive’-style handle and recess?‘dish’ which is ideal for specialist?vehicle applications. The handle lifts?to operate an actuating lever,?normally connected by wire-link to a?remote latch, and the unit is easily?fitted into a simple panel cut-out. ?9/00593 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??View of underside showing threaded bosses […]