Section A – Locks

  • A1 Key-Operated Compression Locks

    A1 KEY-OPERATED COMPRESSION LOCKS A new lock design, intended for use with gasketed doors, which provides 6mm of compression to make a firm seal. It is water-resistant, fully adjustable, and is mounted within an industry-standard 4-sided panel aperture. Straight latch asstandard, with a full range of other bars available. ? Double -sided “FT” keys 9/02300 […]

  • A2 Tool-Operated Compression Locks

    A2 TOOL-OPERATED COMPRESSION LOCKS A model intended for use with heavy gaskets and seals, so that when locked the latching bar is drawn up by 6mm and is held firmly in place. Water sealed, fully adjustable, and mounting to industry-standard 4-sided panel aperture. Smart diecast key with priovision for customer’s identity logo. Diecast key has […]

  • A3 Compartment Locks (19mm) – ‘De-Luxe’ Specification

    A3 COMPARTMENT LOCKS (19mm) – ‘DE-LUXE’ SPECIFICATION These are simple, inexpensive locks used on all types of steel and metal enclosures, cabinets and panels. The diecast housing fits a ‘double-D’ piercing and is retained by a large hexagonal nut. This is the original ‘Wilmot Breeden’ specification with several special features as noted. It is particularly […]

  • A4 Compartment Locks (19mm) Standard & Short Body Locks (13mm)

    A4 COMPARTMENT LOCKS (19mm) STANDARD SPECIFICATION Identical in most details to the ‘deluxe’ models, these locks have a simplified specification which enables them to be installed without need for dismantling latch bar. ‘FT’ Keys Optional9/00103 ORDERING CODE ‘Standard’ specification 9/00107 Compartment lock, 90°, mixed keys 9/00103 Compartment lock, 90°, FS 880 9/00108 Compartment lock, 180°, […]

  • A5 Compartment Locks (19mm) & Short Body Locks (13mm) With 90° Key Withdrawal

    A5 COMPARTMENT LOCKS (19mm) WITH 90° KEY WITHDRAWAL These are special models with 90° rotation, but in which keys can be withdrawn in both locked and unlocked positions. All details are as the 19mm ‘de-luxe’ specification, with spiked locating plate provided, but with straight latch bar as standard. ‘FT’ Keys Optional??7/01905 Locating Plate?7/25250   ORDERING […]

  • A6 ‘Long Body’ Locks (30mm) With 90° Key Withdrawal

    A6 ‘LONG BODY’ LOCKS (30mm) with 90° KEY WITHDRAWAL With extended body depth to 30 mm, these locks are ideal for thick panels (chipboard, composites), and keys can be withdrawn in locked and unlocked positions with both 90° and 180° models. Locks have ‘shuttered’ keyway for weather protection, with spiked locating plate and straight latch […]

  • A7 ‘Tri Locks’ & Square-Drive Locks (19mm)

    A7 ‘TRI-LOCKS’ & SQUARE-DRIVE LOCKS (19mm) (1/4-TURN FASTENERS) Attractive locks for low-cost security, using housings and fittings interchangeable with keyoperated models. Two styles are available, with either 8 mm-square or triangular plug, with keys to match. Both are suitable for exterior use and can be water-sealed to IP55 if required. 9/00113 ? ? ? ? […]

  • A8 Tool-Operated Compartment Locks

    A8 TOOL-OPERATED COMPARTMENT LOCKS (1/4-TURN FASTENERS) Two styles of ‘quarter-turn’ fasteners, using standard housings and fittings so they are interchangeable with key-operated models. Both are available in 19 mm & 30 mm lengths. The ‘recess-square’ design allows relatively high turning force to be applied (using the 8 mm T-key). The ‘coin-op’ model is used as […]

  • A9 Low-Profile Compartment Locks

    A9 LOW-PROFILE COMPARTMENT LOCKS A new model, designed with a “shuttered” cylinder for weather protection but with a wider, lower head style for enhanced appearance. Larger panelpiercing to match our ‘easy-fix’ handles, with nut-fixing for latch bar. A neoprene gasket and diecast spacer are provided. Finish is bright chromium-plated. ???9/01930 ORDERING CODE 9/01930 Low-profile lock, […]

  • A10 Latch Bar Options For Compartment Locks

    A10 LATCH BAR OPTIONS FOR COMPARTMENT LOCKS These are some of the more commonly-used latch bars for our compartment lock range. All are made in mild steel, 15 mm x 2.2 mm, and zinc-plated, with an 8-sided hole to accept 8 mm-square drive (unless otherwise noted). All are reversible. Standard lock models are normally fitted […]

  • A11 ‘Compact’ Locking Handle with ‘Easy-Fix’ Mounting

    A11 ‘COMPACT’ LOCKING HANDLE WITH ‘EASY-FIX’ MOUNTING Our ‘Compact model takes very little more space than a compartment lock, but it removes the load from the key. With cam-formed latch (or rods) it can be used even on gasketed doors, and can be water-sealed if required.       5/00097 ? ? ? ?5/00275 ? […]

  • A12 Turnbutton Low Profile Lock Unit

    A12 ‘TURNBUTTON’ LOW-PROFILE LOCK UNIT (‘WING’ HANDLE) The ‘turnbutton’ lock is fitted with a direct-action operating bar, making it an extremely low-profile handle for securing doors or for driving rod mechanisms. Double-sided ‘FT’ Keys are standard9/01861 ORDERING CODE 9/01861 Turnbutton, chrome, 90° LH 9/01861/01 As above, FT111 keys   SPECIFICATION A Face width 45 mm […]

  • A13 ‘Turnbutton’ Low-Profile Lock Unit

    A13 ‘TURNBUTTON’ LOW-PROFILE LOCK UNIT (‘WING’ HANDLE) The ‘turnbutton’ lock is fitted with a direct-action operating bar, making it an extremely low-profile handle for securing doors or for driving rod mechanisms. Double-sided ‘FT’ Keys are standard9/01861 ORDERING CODE 9/01861 Turnbutton, chrome, 90° LH 9/01861/01 As above, FT111 keys   SPECIFICATION A Face width 45 mm […]

  • A14 Cam-Form Multi-Point Latch Bars

    A14 CAM-FORM & MULTI-POINT LATCH BARS These bars are in 3 mm-thick mild steel, zinc-plated with 8 mmsquare hole. Cam-form types have a 4 mm ‘leading edge’ for good engagement. They can be used with most of our compartment locks, ‘Compact’ and ‘Turnbutton’ models, and also with handles having 8 mm square shaft, as illustrated […]

  • A15 ‘Desk Lock’ (Key-Operated Dead Bolt)

    A15 ‘DESK LOCK’ (KEY-OPERATED DEAD-BOLT) Designed originally for wooden furniture, this is a key-operated ‘deadbolt’ lock (does not slam). It is a simple and inexpensive unit which can be used for any small cabinet or drawer. Finish: chromium-plated. ?Single-sided ‘FS’ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???? ? ?? keys are standard ? ? […]

  • A16 Push Button Lock With Slam-Action

    A16 PUSH BUTTON LOCK WITH SLAM-ACTION This is a useful lock for lids and compartments, which slams shut and is opened by pushing the front button. It is easily fixed and can accommodate some variation in panel thickness.     7/07290 showing bezel with holes for tightening onto threaded ‘neck’ ORDERING CODE 7/07290 Push-button lock, […]

  • A17 ‘Snap-In’ Ignition Lock Barrels & Switchies

    A17 ‘SNAP-IN’ IGNITION LOCK BARRELS & SWITCHES These are well-known ‘Lucas’ keyoperated 24 volt rotary switches, suitable for commercial, agricultural and industrial uses. The model shown suits diesel engines, with the most commonly used terminal configuration, many other versions available. WBH ignition barrels have a spring-loaded plunger, allowing ‘snap-in’ fitting. They can be supplied to […]

  • A18 Steering Column Locks

    A18 STEERING COLUMN LOCKS, ‘IN-LINE’ MODELS This robust lock provides protection against casual theft and unauthorised use of trucks and specialist vehicles. Installed as an OE fitment, it is clamped around the steering column (45 mm dia) and incorporates an ignition switch at either 12V or 24V. 515547 Shown with ‘customised’ keys   ORDERING CODE […]

  • A19 ‘M70’ Series Add – On Security Deadlock

    A19 ‘M70’ SERIES ADD – ON SECURITY DEADLOCK The ‘M70’ is a unique lock, designed primarily for add-on fitment to vans and commercial vehicles. It provides a high-strength deadlock and good level of key security, ?independent of factory-fitted lock/latch systems. ?9/08501, LH M70 lock fully-assembled in position when fitted into door. Note large-size key head […]